Raymond Orta

~ The Prende La Vela Tour is Coming to Waco, TX ~

The Hysterically Dynamic Comedian RAYMOND ORTA will be on Stage at The Waco Hippodrome Friday January 12!!!!

This is the one comedy show you won't want to miss!! The night will be slammed full of Cowboys smack talk, Puro Pinche Cowboys!!, hilarious stories of grandpa hearing his own blinks, and the Silver Fox's famous picking up lines!! 

For the couples in the audience, there isn't a better love potion than a Raymond Orta comedy show. The impact of his gut wrenching laughter will put you and your date into an aphrodisiac trance for the entire night!....It's doctor recommended. 

Grab a friend and your choice of tickets!

We'll see you Friday January 12th.....Laugh Loud and Live Long!!
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