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Waco’s Premier Live Music Venue


Since 1914, the Hippodrome has been known to host a wide variety of high-quality Broadway-style acts and entertainment such as silent films, vaudeville shows, and traveling performers – even live performing seals. Today, the spirit of live entertainment endures at the Hippodrome – minus the seals.

If you’re looking for large live music venues in Waco, look no further than the Hippodrome. We embrace rock, country, blues, soul, punk, roots, and other genres of music. Our mission is to create an exceptional experience for people with different musical tastes from all walks of life.

Our historic large event space has hosted new local bands playing their first gig and veteran musicians playing their hundredth. Whatever your event space needs are, we can accommodate any small or large functions – at very competitive rates. Rent our large orchestra theater, parts or all our event rooms, or the indoor bar. Our event packages are entirely customizable to suit your requirements. We have state-of-the-art A/V equipment to make sure you will deliver memorable musical sets.

*In November of 2020 The Waco Hippodrome decided to suspend operations of the movie theatres and restaurant spaces for restructuring. We continue to book live music performances in the historic orchestra theatre and are working hard to reopen our other theatres and multiple restaurant spaces as soon as possible.


The Hippodrome:
Your Exceptional Wedding Venue

The historical and breathtaking structure of the Hippodrome makes an idyllic backdrop for a beautiful wedding. And if you’re scouting out wedding venues in Waco, the Hippodrome is the perfect choice.

We can also host all your wedding-related events. From an enchanting engagement party to a joyous rehearsal dinner, a poignant wedding ceremony to a festive reception – take advantage of using the Hippodrome no matter what type of wedding occasion you wish to have. Whether it’s a low-key affair in a smaller, more intimate space or a more traditional reception with a banquet feast fit for a large ballroom, the Hippodrome offers a splendid setting for your special day.


Make your mark on Texas music history by using the historic Hippodrome as the venue for your live concert music.

All-Inclusive Downtown Business Venue

Not just an entertainment hub, the Hippodrome can also host corporate functions such as seminars, training, meetings, or any educational events. In order to relay information effectively, we have A/V equipment that makes us one of the best business venues in the city.