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The Waco Hippodrome Theatre

At over 100 years old and newly renovated, the Waco Hippodrome Theatre is a historic building hosting a plethora of entertainment options such as first-run and classic films, live music and comedy concerts, plays for the young and not so young, and so much more.

In November of 2020 The Waco Hippodrome suspended operation of it’s movie theatres and restaurants for restructuring. We continue to book live music perormances in the historic orchestra theatre and are working to reopen the the other theatre spaces as well as our multiple restaurant spaces.

Lux Elegance in a Wonderful Waco Landmark

Step over the threshold of this grand Spanish Colonial establishment in downtown Waco and into the elegant and welcoming lobby of the Hippodrome. Old-world allure meets state-of-the-art innovations awaiting Hippodrome guests and patrons. We have multiple multifunctional spaces that can be customized to accommodate just about any type of special events, celebrations, and live performances.

The Waco Hippodrome has been enriching the city’s culture and entertainment scene since 1914. From vaudeville theater to a movie house, it’s the city’s prime spot for superb performances. In 2018 we’ve restyled and renovated our premises while keeping the timeless character that we’ve become known for. 


Waco’s Prime Events & Entertainment Hub

From cozy and intimate to large scale, we have a space to accommodate your specific event needs. If you’re looking for the best venue for your wedding, holiday party, corporate meeting, seminar, live musical performance, or other special gatherings, explore our many lovely and versatile event spaces to create your perfect experience.

Our Premium
Event Spaces

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We offer several different options to customize your event and make sure it’s one-of-a-kind.

  • Orchestra Theatre
  • Balcony Theatre
  • The Houdini Room
  • The Palace Room
  • The Reservation Room Bar + Lounge

Architectural Significance

In 1983, the Hippodrome was listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. It is our mission to continue ongoing care and maintenance to preserve this architectural gem for future generations.The Hippodrome’s beauty and splendor are vital to the theater experience.

Many locals and out-of-towners marvel at the magnificence of our theater and are always curious about its past. As stewards of a historic venue, we understand that our choices and decisions today are critical to the long-term triumph of the Hippodrome as a prime cultural destination.

Meet the Developers

Local developers Shane Turner and Cody Turner are second-generation construction entrepreneurs. Their portfolio includes developing multi-family and single-family units, retail, restaurant, and office spaces. Both Baylor University alumni, Shane and Cody are very active board members of community and charitable organizations across the region. Their real estate and construction projects greatly contribute to Waco’seconomic and social growth. Since 2006, they have been developing properties and revitalizing Waco and have made significant strides to revive the city and transform it into the flourishing hub that it is today.

In 2012, they turned their real estate prowess to restoring the historic Waco Hippodrome. The Turner brothers made sure to keep the classic aesthetic that made the Hippodrome a beloved Waco landmark while incorporating modern renovations. They worked with the Texas Historic Commission to preserve the integrity of the Hippodrome throughout the renovation process. They understand the historical ties the Hippodrome holds to the community since 1914 and are committed to bringing the Hippodrome’s legacy well into the coming century.

Preserving and Reinvigorating Downtown Waco’s Legacy

As stewards of a historic venue, we understand that our choices and decisions today are critical to the long-term triumph of the Hippodrome as a premium cultural destination.

Local Impact

The historic Hippodrome reflects Waco’s great prosperity and growth throughout the years. It also relives an important period in our city’s history when the public went to see vaudeville shows in the 1900s. Today, we are proud to continue to be the city’s go-to entertainment destination, as well as a prime event space that brings people together.