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Baby showers are a highly anticipated occasion for any expecting parents. It’s a fantastic opportunity for them to share the delight of parenthood with their friends and family. It’s also a chance for expecting parents to get helpful parenting tips and advice as well as gifts that will surely come in handy once the baby is born. In today’s blog, we’ll talk about unique and creative places to have a baby shower. We’ll share with you some important things you need to know to make the event more focused on fun for you and the guests.

A good friend of the expectant mother or a family member are usually the ones to throw and organize baby showers. Then again, a lot of the times, the mom-to-be host it herself. Traditionally, the venue is held at a private home – whether it’s the residence of the friend, the family member, or the parents-to-be. However, there are individual occurrences that may require an alternate event site.

Private Home or Outside Venue?

While there are certain benefits to having the baby shower at a private home, there are just as many advantages to an outside venue to have a baby shower. At a private home, there could be complete control of the day by the hostess. Guests who are a little shy and quiet could be more inclined to join in on the baby shower games in the comfort of a private venue.
On the other hand, looking for alternate places to have a baby shower other than a private home has its upsides. For one, the hostess can focus on having fun at the event. They can avoid the stress of preparing, organizing, and all the other responsibilities of throwing the shower – best of all, no clean-up duties!

Alternative Baby Shower Venues

Couple expecting a child.

Local Community Center

Check your local community center for an alternate baby shower venue. Aside from providing members of the community a place to take part in cultural, recreational, educational, and social activities in the community, these places can also be a low-cost rental venue for your baby shower. You can even personalize it with baby shower-themed decorations. Community centers also usually come equipped with a kitchen, which you can take advantage of if you want to either self-cater or order catered foods.

Tea Room for an Elegant Tea Party-Themed Baby Shower

If you want to exude chic, elegance, and sophistication, check local tea rooms or fancy hotel suites for an alternate baby shower venue. While this could be a costlier option, radiating a posh British feel for your baby shower will surely make it a memorable and lovely event – especially with the popularity of the British royal family increasing in the past couple of years. You can even hire a local private room event venue and transform it into a high tea ceremony theme to make it look like a tea room. Speak with event organizers to get good ideas on how to throw royal baby shower bash.

Go Outdoors

If the weather is nice, then the outdoors would be an excellent place to hold a fun and casual baby shower. Depending on the number of guests, a picnic gathering in the park is a fantastic – not to mention, free – option you can consider. However, you obviously need to think about access to restrooms and adequate seating. You should also factor in the rain and have a contingency plan prepared if ever it starts to drizzle.

Local Historic Settings

Check your local community’s beloved historical sites and see if they are open to renting their venues for events. This is a brilliant way of celebrating events – in this case, a baby shower – in the same beloved historical landmark in your town.


Ask the mom-to-be (or parents-to-be) what their favorite restaurant or food is and consider booking it as a baby shower venue. Also, restaurants are a good setting if you want your guests to enjoy a full sit-down meal. Many local restaurants have private rooms available that you can rent for your party. This will let you enjoy the venue without the interference of other customers in the dining area.

Other Helpful Tips

Now that you have an idea of alternate places to have a baby shower, here are other helpful tips:

Expecting parents

  • If you already know the baby’s gender, you can choose gender-based baby shower themes.
  • Search for fun, games to make the shower more enjoyable for everyone. The internet is ripe with tons of baby shower games you can utilize for your own event. You can also ask for recommendations and suggestions from your friends who threw successful baby showers in the past.