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Make the Event of Your Dreams a Reality

Most social gatherings and festivities are based around eating. At any event, the food and beverage are what make the guests feel comforted, happy, and welcomed. Sharing meals at social events is an opportunity to make memories and connections – and these are what bring people together.

Great Food Makes for
Extraordinary Events

As we all know, people eat with their eyes first. Thus, presentation is key. An exceptionally presented meal sets up a feast for all the senses. At the Hippodrome, we live for the oohs and aahs from guests as they get a first glance at the food and drink offerings we’ve carefully prepared for your event. Don’t settle for anything less. Take advantage of our fabulous menu options presented with Waco’s finest culinary flair.

Tempt your guests with several meal choices from our buffet selections. From a flavorful Tex-Mex Taco Bar to the all-time favorite Southern Barbecue to amazing Asian Cuisine, our buffet tables let your guests pick amongst several tasty choices.

You also have the option of food being served so your guests don’t have to get it themselves. Our expert table service will bring perfectly presented plated meals to your guests. No more wait times and meandering through a maze of chairs and tables. Our scrumptious plated selections include Honey Pecan Salmon, Roasted Airline Chicken, and Prime Rib with Horseradish Sauce. All plated selections come with your choice of fresh salad and delectable dessert.

Want to Serve Catered Hors-D’oeuvres At Your Party?

Our hors d’oeuvre options will give your guests a lasting impression. We serve a big taste in bite-sized portions. Choose from Swedish Meatballs to Bacon Lollipops, Deep Fried Wisconsin Cheese Curds to our Signature Sidewinder Fries, and a whole lot more. If you’re unsure of what food will complement your event, our catering experts will be happy to guide you through our menu choices.

Our mission at the Hippodrome is to bring the event you’ve been dreaming of to life with dependable full-service event catering services. Whether it’s a corporate, residential, or outdoor function in the Waco area, we’ll bring our expert catering services to you.

Leave It to the Catering Experts

At the Hippodrome, we understand that food can make or break any social event. Worry less, save time, and make a professional, lasting impression when you let our in-house full-service catering staff handle your event. Our experienced catering team knows how to handle food safely and correctly throughout the duration of your event. We also provide the flexibility to accommodate diverse demands.

We also understand that every social function has its own unique requirements. Our catering packages can be tailor-made to fulfill all your catering needs – all within your budget. Top-quality catering services from the Hippodrome will show your guests that you value hospitality and sophistication. We can also create special menus to accommodate food allergies and dietary restrictions.

Wonderful Meals at Your Wedding

One of the most essential highlights of a wedding reception is the food. Next to the ceremony, this is often what the guests are looking forward to and anticipating the most. For the most special day of any couple’s life, picking the best professional wedding catering provider is an important decision.

At the Hippodrome, our take on classic, well-loved dishes will redefine your taste and bring you culinary comforts. Our excellent food and drink offerings, remarkable services, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction will make the wedding of your dreams a wonderful reality you can share with your family and friends.

First Class and Hospitality For Your Business Meetings

lunch-cateringFood tied to social gatherings goes back to ancient times. The basics of hospitality were ever present when famalies would open their homes to guests and break bread. These special occasions paved the way for shared ideas, connections, and fellowship.

Today, successful business meetings still revolve around hospitality and building goodwill. As an experienced corporate event catering company, we’ll make sure your business meetings and functions go smoothly and without any issues. Whether you need corporate lunch catering or a conference dinner, our delectable meals and courteous service will compliment your business agenda for you and your guests.

Fabulous Food for the Perfect Party

The Hippodrome’s party catering services create remarkable food and experiences anywhere you choose. You’ll find us catering at our very own prime downtown venue, in private backyards, and in corporate spaces too. We’ll bring our dependable catering services to your event anywhere in the Waco area.

We’ll make sure it’s one to remember by providing customized service to match your catering vision. Get in touch with our catering experts to start planning fabulous food and drinks for your perfect party!

Exciting Feasts from the Hippodrome

Of all the things your guests will remember about your special event, your choice of food and drinks will especially stand out. With the help and expertise of our banquet catering staff, give your guests an exceptional and unforgettable dining experience.

Our banquet menu can be customized to satisfy even the most discerning palette. No matter how large or small your special event is, we’ll have impeccable dishes in store for your attendees. A variety of cuisines with a delicious assortment of food options can be found within our menu options. Try classic comfort foods like burgers, salads, and sandwiches with an elegant, sophisticated twist. For added assortment, we also offer Italian, Mexican, Asian, and other seafood dishes with plenty of scrumptious sides to accompany your entrees.

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