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Look Beyond Hotel Conference Rooms

Holding a corporate function requires careful and detail-oriented planning. Making sure your attendees are comfortable as they learn about your organization or industry is essential. One important consideration to keep them involved throughout the function is with an interesting and unique business meeting space.

The Hippodrome is a Blend of Old-World Appeal and Modern Comfort

It’s a distinctive meeting space rental right in the heart of downtown Waco. We offer high-class and stylish corporate environments which cater to all your needs. Hold your professional gatherings or meet potential business partners in the comfort of our corporate event space.

A beautiful space like the Hippodrome lends a sense of stateliness and grandeur to any event. Among many of the Hippodrome’s unique features include grand staircases, palatial walls with crown moldings, wide-arched doorways, spectacular chandeliers, a ground level classic diner-style restaurant, and a rooftop bar overlooking downtown Waco. These distinctive building attributes can be excellent conversation starters among guests when you choose the Hippodrome as your business meeting venue.

You can also capitalize on the Hippodrome’s photogenic spaces. If one of the goals of your corporate event is generating buzz or publicity for your organization, a picturesque corporate event space is a must-have. Stunning views, beautiful backdrops, and good lighting are fantastic for both traditional and social media coverage and exposure.

Energize Your Corporate Meetings at the Hippodrome

Choosing the ultimate business meeting venue can be taxing. At the Hippodrome, we can help you cultivate an atmosphere that will engage your guests and amplify your professional event.

Our flexible corporate event venues offer sophisticated décor and expansive banquet and meeting spaces for hundreds of attendees. We can adapt to accommodate various configurations to make your event a success. We also offer customizable meeting space rental packages that can satisfy diverse demands and different types of events.

At the Hippodrome, you can get attendees and guests excited about your event. Aside from our prime downtown location, we are also a dining and entertainment hub. Your event participants can also take part in the rich history the Hippodrome holds. Established in the 1900’s, the Hippodrome is a celebrated landmark in downtown Waco, in part because of its architectural significance and for its contributions to the city’s arts and culture scene.

Multifunctional Spaces

Plan Your Events with Ease

Our event sales team will expertly work out a corporate event space that is inspiring and motivating. Get ideas flowing when you hold your event at the historic Hippodrome.

Our meeting spaces are also fully equipped with state-of-the-art AV equipment and multimedia presentation systems that can revolutionize your corporate presentations. We have professional technicians on site who can aid you in making sure your meetings go off without a snag. At the Hippodrome, you can manage and plan your events with ease.

Accessible Downtown Meeting Space

Your guests and attendees can benefit from the Hippodrome’s convenient downtown location. There is easy access to downtown shops, markets, convention, and other favorite downtown spots.