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How to throw the most glamorous baby shower

Baby showers are awesome. Every single one is different and each can be so much fun. Whether you’re just collecting ideas for your own baby shower in the future or you’re planning someone else’s, you’re already thinking about baby shower venue rentals. Of course, there’s the traditional spaces – restaurants, parks, somebody’s living room – but what about a glamorous Hollywood themed baby shower in a vintage, chic movie theater?

Step 1: Consider baby shower venue rentals

Venue is everything. It’s the setting where all the magic of the day happens. So it’s important to pick the right one! If you’re planning a baby shower for a diva – or maybe you’re a diva yourself – consider how fabulous you will look at the theater, on the red carpet, prancing like a Queen as you celebrate that baby bump.

Must Be Comfortable

Venues have to be comfortable for the mom-to-be, above all else. That means you need accommodating bathrooms, a team to clean up after the event, full catering of food she loves, and a comfortable setting that will let her be herself and live in the day!

Must Accommodate Everyone

Like any event, the food genuinely makes the day. Without top-notch catering, you’re risking spending your baby shower with mediocre munchies. And, it’s important to make sure that any baby shower venue is kid-friendly. Other attendants may want to bring their children, and if kids are welcome, you’ll want to be ready to accommodate them.

The glow of TinselTown shines out from the screen, and you and all the gals can enjoy your favorite games and baby shower traditions in a smaller meeting room. Nothing like it.

Step 2: Consider decorating your venue


If it’s a Hollywood themed baby shower, obviously the décor must be fabulous. Do you have a decorating team or need professional assistance? With a professional venue, you can tailor what you need and get help putting the final, fabulous touches. You might be able to have someone run a home video on a projector in the background. You may be able to get professional performers at a discount because it will be good marketing for them to appear in a public venue.

Hollywood Theme

What would a Hollywood themed baby shower be without stars, lights, a red carpet, or even a line of paparazzi? Maybe you want swag bags with cute matching sunglasses to hand out to guests, maybe you want a popcorn machine, maybe you want streamers and balloons. Tell us what you imagine, and we’ll work to make your dreams into reality.

Boy/Girl Theme

If the mom-to-be knows the sex of the baby, she may want to announce and celebrate it with gender-specific themed decorations. However, some moms might want to keep the news secret, or might not even know the sex of the baby, so be prepared to adjust the décor you have in mind to make Mom happy.
It’s a day to celebrate! And choosing a movie theater for your baby shower venue rentals may open the door for you to throw the party of the mom-to-be’s dreams.

Step 3: Consider the Squad

Who’s going you help you put together this soire? Put together a short list and have each of them assigned to tackle a few tasks to put together the party of the year. Once you tell them you’ve chosen a retro-classic movie theater as the baby shower venue, they won’t be able to say ‘no’ to helping put it together! Bring together all the ladies who can make the mom-to-be the star of the day, and you’ll help guarantee that it’ll be a day no one forgets. (At least, until the baby is born.)

It’s the Miracle of Life

The happiest days are when babies are born. The second happiest days are the ones when there’s a party. And having a baby party is kind of the best of both worlds. When you’re comparing baby shower venue rentals, you might think that budget is a major concern, or you might think that being able to accommodate enough people to throw a real party is your biggest concern. Whatever you’re worried about – don’t. Let a professional and fun venue handle those details and you focus on being awesome.