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The silver screen is undoubtedly one of the country’s most well-loved pastimes. Whether it’s the first date, friendly excursions out on the town, or being out with the family, everyone loves visiting their local movie theater for fun and entertainment.

Since movie theaters are public places, we still always need to exercise specific cautions and be vigilant at all times – especially when it gets pitch black inside.

In today’s post, we’ll point out some helpful advice for both movie operations and moviegoers to make the overall experience of going to the movies safe for everyone. We hope that the information you find in this article will keep your peace of mind in the movie theater.

Tips For the Moviegoers:

Be Vigilant

No matter what public place you are, always be vigilant. This attitude means being aware of what the people around you are doing and keeping your wits about you. If you suspect of any suspicious activities, don’t be reluctant to let the security personnel or the management know. This practice will ultimately help identify a threat before it even has an opportunity to catch you off guard.

Prepare for Emergencies

It’s always a good idea to be prepared in case of any emergencies. This is especially true if there are children present. Knowing what you need to do in case disorder and chaos break out will help you stay alert and focused, and it won’t get you easily confused and panicked as you go through the ordeal. Fortunately, you don’t have to do anything extensive to prepare yourself. All you need to do is pay attention to where the exits (including emergency exits), know where the fire alarms are located, and be aware of where the emergency medical supplies are placed whenever you are in a public facility like the movie theater.

Keep Your Cell Phone on Hand

Avoid calling or texting during a movie. However, always keep your phone close to you. Rather than turning your phone off, it would be better to put it on silent mode. This will let you have access quickly if you need to during an emergency. Keep emergency numbers saved in your phone for easy and fast dialing. Remember that during a crisis, your priority should always be to keep yourself safe. If you do need to use your phone to call your emergency contacts or contact 911, go to a concealed place first.

Park Your Vehicle in a Well-Lit Area

Most acts of violence take place in the parking lot when victims are walking to or from their vehicle. Make it a point to park in well-lit parking spots; or if the movie theater has a garage, opt to park there instead since there will most likely be a security guard on site patrolling the premises. Do not be a victim of crime by not making smart and practical decisions – this includes parking in well-lit parking spots.

Tips for Movie Theater Operators:

Have a Safety and Security Plan

The primary responsibility of movie theater operators is to be in charge of any theater operations. Thus, they have to be ready for any type of situation, even those that we don’t want to think about. In the event of any threat to the theater and its patrons, be sure to know what you need to do. A good emergency plan with the knowledge that includes a way to secure and warn your moviegoers to evacuate, a strategy during a lockdown, and a method to communicate the need for immediate assistance with local law enforcement, fire departments, and paramedics.

Make sure to set the emergency alarms and phone systems to instantly notify all the security guards on site, the employees, and all the people within the premises. The alarms should also inform all corresponding authorities.

Train Employees on How to Handle Emergency Situations

A regular staff training in emergencies will significantly improve the chances of successfully executing your emergency plan. These pieces of training can teach them how to react against chaos and disorder properly. Conducting emergency drills on a regular basis is goes hand in hand with having an emergency plan for your establishment. If you don’t practice your emergency plan with your emergency bills, you might as well not have a plan at all.

Safe and Enjoyable Movie Theater Experience

Make sure to follow these tips from the Waco Hippodrome Theater to ensure a safe and enjoyable theater experience. Click the link to see movies now playing at the Hippodrome.