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It’s no surprise that arranging a corporate event should involve careful thought and planning. An event like this is an opportunity to meet and connect with new and existing clients, colleagues in the field, vendors, experts, and other groups of people. At events like this, companies and organizations take advantage of the chance to bring people together and establishing good relationships with them. These opportunities otherwise could not take place within the walks of a structured environment like an office.

There are several different types of corporate events. What kind of event you have will dictate many important decisions – from the venue of the meeting to the corporate event catering, activities, accommodations, and other logistics. In today’s post, we’ll list the most common ones and include some helpful catering tips and advice. We hope the information you find today will ensure that you will have a memorable, informative, and enjoyable corporate event for your company.

Conferences and Seminars

Organizations host conferences and seminars with targeted audiences in mind. In these meetings, they provide the audience with relevant and useful information that will help them in their profession.

Corporate seminar

Conferences can last for several days and will involve multiple sessions or training. Seminars, on the other hand, are shorter events. These meetings will have one or numerous keynote speakers. These functions usually take place at hotels in an accessible location, so it’s easier for attendees traveling from farther away.

Food and beverage choices for conferences and seminars will depend on how long these meetings will take place. If it’s going to last in multiple days, you should consider sensible breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options in your corporate event catering plan. Also, plan whether it’s going to be a buffet, sit-down meal, or a more social cocktail party.

Incentive Programs and Executive Retreats

In this type of corporate gathering, it’s not uncommon to spend more on a per-person basis. Of course, organizational planning and business development are always going to be at the forefront of the agenda topics; however, equal importance is given to enjoyable and entertaining activities as included in the incentive and reward program.

These retreats usually last an entire weekend or even a whole week. Thus, selecting accommodating, lodging, and other activities should be planned. Since these gatherings are presented as an incentive or reward, higher-end meals and beverage options are included in the corporate event catering.

Team-Building Events

Corporate team-building events are planned to boost employee morale, improve their confidence, and promote overall goodwill within the organization. These events are meant to be filled with fun, enjoyment, as well as relaxation for the employees. It’s a fantastic opportunity for employees to spend time with each other in nice, outdoor setting.

Corporate team building

Typically, team-building events involve physical group activities in elaborate indoor and outdoor courses. In fact, many event locations specialize in team-building events. Apart from physical activities, many team-building events incorporate workshops and training about dealing with stress and emotions in the workplace. These essential activities help make employees well-rounded individuals.

Thus, when planning corporate event catering for these events, make sure that the food and beverage choices can sustain the attendees; so they have the energy needed to take part in the physical activities.

Organization or Company Milestones

Whether it’s a founding anniversary or a grand opening, celebrating company milestones provide employees and clients alike a glimpse of who you are as an organization. While these type of business gatherings differ significantly in how they are celebrated, the program tends to follow a general agenda: showing the employees and clients gratitude and appreciation.

The general mood for company milestones is often celebratory; thus, corporate event catering providers would usually offer more casual food and beverages. If it’s going to be a formal banquet dinner, more elaborate meals are preferred, along with cocktail drinks. Additionally, you should take into consideration if the event is going to be exclusive to company employees or if the invitation will extend to vendors, clients, or members of the local community.

Final Thoughts

Whatever corporate event you have, serving impeccable food and beverages should remain high on your priority list. Thus, you need to work with a local corporate event catering company that is trusted in the community.